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Dedicated ProjectNOLA crime camera cloud servers are available to sponsor and help promote our non-profit system in your area, city or neighborhood. Specially-dedicated ProjectNOLA crime camera cloud servers may also be used to help bolster neighborhood watch programs and private patrols by allowing authorized users access all crime cameras networked to the dedicated cloud server. Highly proven to be extremely successful in assisting law enforcement, the Project NOLA non-profit system is the most cost-efficient crime camera system in the World. Please contact us for assistance, as we greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring the success of our system into your area!

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Bring the proven success of the ProjectNOLA non-profit crime camera system to your neighborhood by getting your own dedicated cloud server, whereby an authorized delegate of your board, private patrol or law enforcement may have direct access to video!

Our Price: $1,440.00/12 month(s)

Annual Maintenance Fee

Available for neighborhood watch programs and law enforcement entities within the United States, specially-dedicated ProjectNOLA crime camera servers allow AUTHORIZED individuals involved with crime prevention to access video from connected crime cameras. Project NOLA staff maintains the cloud server and provides free technical assistance. Authorized individuals may access their ProjectNOLA cloud server(s) from a compatible PC or smart device, and may simultaneously review footage from multiple crime cameras. As ProjectNOLA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, funding towards a specially-dedicated cloud server may be tax deductible. For security reasons, only those with static IP addresses provided by their Internet service provider may be granted special access to the crime camera feeds. Please contact us at 504.736.9187 for additional infomation.

Complete package featuring 32 pre-programmed 3mp WiFi Day/Night Loaner Crime Cameras and 1 year managed Project NOLA Cloud Service with tech support to quickly and inexpensively implement a live-monitorable community crime camera system virtually anywhere

Our Price: $5,760.00/12 month(s)

Donation to Sponsor Crime Cameras $4,800.00

Complete 32 crime camera package, featuring easy to install Dahua 3mp WiFi Day/Night Weatherproof cameras and 1 year of Project NOLA cloud service with tech support. The most cost efficient city-wide High Definition crime camera solution in existence since 2010, Project NOLA only costs a small fraction of traditional networked solutions although offering greater reliability and 39x higher picture quality! Infinitely scalable, simply select the number of crime cameras that your community wishes to start with and advise us who may be authorized to monitor video in Real-Time and/or review recorded video.