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Located on the campus of the University of New Orleans, Project NOLA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates the largest, most cost efficient and successful networked HD crime camera program in America, which was created in 2009 to help reduce crime by dramatically increasing police efficiency and citizen awareness. A first of a kind Community-based crime camera initiative, Project NOLA provides WiFi HD crime cameras to residents, business owners, developers, associations and municipalities, which are most often placed on private property facing a street or park. Via the Internet, cameras transmit video to the Project NOLA Real-Time Crime Information Center at UNO, where video may be live-monitored, stored and re-broadcast to local law enforcement.  Those hosting a Project NOLA crime camera may also view live and recorded video via a smart device, phone or pc.

Communities that host Project NOLA Crime Cameras often see a reduction in crime.  When felony crimes do occur, criminals are more likely to be arrested quicker, confess and implicate others, and plead guilty, saving hundreds of investigative/prosecutorial/defense man-hours and millions in tax dollars.  Witnesses and victims are less likely to relive tragic memories in court.  At-risk juveniles are more likely to be identified and helped.  Violent offenders transition more quickly into the state penal system.

Now serving over a dozen law enforcement agencies in multiple cities, we wish to bring the unprecedented success of our nonprofit program to other communities and highly encourage those wishing to learn more to call us at (504) 298-9117.  As a nonprofit with a highly proven track record of success, Project NOLA may immediately implement a highly successful crime camera system virtually anywhere for a small fraction of what other solutions commonly cost.

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