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New Orleans Crime Camera System Project NOLA America Crime Camera Network
Located at the University of New Orleans, the Project NOLA Real-Time Crime Information Center operates what has become the largest and most successful high-definition networked crime camera system in America and the most cost-efficient city-wide networked crime camera solution in existence. Unlike other major crime camera solutions, Project NOLA is a true community-based system that is managed by a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Empowering residents and business owners to help make their community a safer place to live, work and visit by hosting or sponsoring a loaner wifi HD crime camera, Project NOLA helps reduce crime by dramatically increasing the operational efficiency of local law enforcement and by working with the communities of faith, business, and academics to better understand and address the cycle of violence that plagues many neighborhoods.

Please call us at (504) 298-9117 should you have questions or to arrange a visit at the Real-Time Crime Information Center at UNO. With spacious hotel style guest lodging available within our building, we're very happy to accommodate out of town guests wishing to learn more about our highly successful nonprofit crime abatement program or visit us in person.

New Orleans Crime Camera System Project NOLA America Crime Camera Network
Reside, have property or a business in Orleans Parish and wish to help reduce crime by dramatically increasing the efficiency of local law enforcement? Simple! Simply sign up to host a High Definition ProjectNOLA loaner crime camera. Once up, you may view live video from your crime camera, which transmits HD video via your broadband Internet connection to our Incident Monitoring Center, where crime camera footage is recorded to our cloud. When notified of a dangerous situation in progress or felony crime, ProjectNOLA staff may instantly begin reviewing crime camera video over a large geographic area in effort to provide real time supplemental information to responding officers and detectives.

Since 2010, the ProjectNOLA nonprofit crime camera system has helped reduce crime, improve quality of life, and stimulate economic growth in the neighborhoods we serve. When crimes do occur, our being able to very quickly review and digitally transmit HD crime camera footage to detectives routinely often results in a faster arrest. Criminals are also more likely to confess and implicate others while being interviewed and plead guilty at court. Felony cases are resolved faster, potentially saving millions in tax payers dollars, moving convicted felons quickly out of local jails and into state penetentaries.
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Bring the unprecedented success of the Project NOLA Nonprofit/ Community-Based Crime Camera System to your Community for as little as $180/year per camera!  Click or call us at (504) 298-9117 to speak to a criminologist. more info
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